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Message and Vision


Preparing an ethical , disciplined , creative and educated generation , that are positive towards their society and always lend a helping hand to their beloved country , whilst keeping up with all the technological updates that appear on a day-to- day basis around the world.


La Rose de Lisieux aims to achieve:

- The school aims to build a friendly competitive learning , atmosphere for all its students.

- Scouting and encouraging all the students with various potentials (creative arts or sports).

- Teaching democratic skills of expression as well as accepting and respecting someone else's opinion.

- Charity and community service is a compulsory activity that all students should be striving to do on a weekly basis.

- Keeping up to date with all technological aspects of education.

- Building a link between the inner school culture and the outer school society to achieve quality integration. 

Kindergarten Stages

  1. Receiving kindergarten children through new educational methods which works on bonding them with their new school and develop their spirit .
  2. Teaching children reading , writing in Foreign languages and Arabic through interactive board and multimedia facilities.
  3. Paying attention to the talented in various fields .
  4. Focusing on cultural and entertaining methods, different creativities and developing their skills through an integrated educational system.

Primary Stage

  1. Teaching children reading, writing in Foreign languages and Arabic.
  2. Introduction of social and ethical values and practicing of democracy.
  3. Taking interest in educational, technological and scientific activities.
  4. Taking care of the talented in different fields and honoring them .
  5. Achieving constant interactivity between parents and students and the school .
  6. Paying notice to the educationally sub-normal so to their scientific level.

Preparatory Stages

  1. Teaching students how to undertake dialogues with others and to accept other people's opinions .
  2. Encouraging students to exercise and create through developed and technological methods.
  3. Developing social interaction between school and student .
  4. Developing critical thinking to face future challenges.
  5. Encouraging the educational , scientific and practical activities.

 Secondary Stage

  1. Adapting students through active education .
  2. Building students integrated personally in different aspects through an integrated educational system .
  3. Preparing generations which practices democracy and teamwork spirit.
  4. Developing good deeds and religious values and developing brotherhood trend between boys and girls till they pass puberty peacefully .
  5. Using hi tech methods and foreign languages labs to support their active learning under globalization.


Contact Us

 6, Amin El Rafee st , Dokki, Giza

21, Tahrir street, Dokki,

Cairo (secondary building)

Fax: 002/37621076

Phone: 002/37494545 - 002/37621069 - 002/37602128

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This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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