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Educational Excellence

The Exquisite Foundation

LA Rose De Lisieux Language schools is considered one of the greatest and glorious educational establishments in Giza governorate; it was founded in 1948 and it has maintained its success and significant results through continuous decades making it entitled to the scientific achievement and success award as to many appreciation certificates in scientific, cultural and sports fields. This continuous success from kindergarten to High School led to the graduation of many generations that currently occupy many honored and distinguished careers and positions of which have the highest effect on the development and building of society.



Through collaborative efforts between parents, students, staff and the community we will enable students to become creative, responsible, self confident and caring individuals who are prepared for the present day choices and future challenges. La Rose De Liseux offers education that emphasizes critical thinking, problem solving, Creativity, Co-Operative learning, personal growth and positive self identity: by practicing principle of academic excellence and high standards of personal conduct, we will enhance leadership and adherence to humanitarian and social integrity.

La Rose Consists of 4 Year Group Stages : 


The School depends on the best and most up-to-date educational methods to achieve the best results in all curriculum . The School facilitates the cooperation between staff, parents and students to achieve the best condition for students progress. 


Educational Excellence 

Our Students will be proficient in three languages : English, Arabic and French. English is taught from K.G. While French and science is taught from 3rd primary.

We apply the latest and most developed curriculum accredited by the ministry of Education. This program has been adapted to blend in with all our cultural norms and values.

Our Experienced instructors are all Egyptians of the highest calibers.

La Rose de Liseux in its quest for excellence, strives to provide a challenging educational environment that prepares students to become enlightened and responsible citizens of the world without subjecting them to any feeling of pressure. 

Contact Us

 6, Amin El Rafee st , Dokki, Giza

21, Tahrir street, Dokki,

Cairo (secondary building)

Fax: 002/37621076

Phone: 002/37494545 - 002/37621069 - 002/37602128

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This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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