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Social Preparation

The Role of Social Worker Specialist


- Individual work is the cornerstone of the social worker at our school. Through their professional performance, they can discover individual cases from their various sources and can professionally study them in order to achieve social and psychological adaptation.

- They help student face the problems and carries out professional intervention to treat them on a case-by-case basis.

- In addition, the social specialist/councilor pays attention to quick cases and conditions and transfers certain cases to professional study and continuous follow-up.

- They care for excellent and skilled students as well as the educationally slow-learner students through establishing integrated plans for their care all over the school year.

- They prepare certain developmental, protection and therapeutic plans for certain behaviors that has appeared recently, moreover pay attention for search services by selecting, raising and studying certain phenomenon at school. Theystudy such phenomena and threats and their causes in order not to happen again.

- In addition, they make use of the potentials and capabilities of the students to deal with the situations, which they confront.

- They encourage students to carry out small projects. In this way, social workers/specialists make school productive and develop their skills through case studies, keeping books, negotiating and marketing. Moreover, they encourage students to carry out projects compatible with their abilities and skills.

- They form groups that complete the curriculum and depend on practice and self-reliance. Such groups include:

- Travel groups that help to promote belonging and loyalty to the country and the society. Such groups should be attached to the school curriculum according to each phase:

- Organizing the public service group that is concerned with the programs and projects that support positive values and attitudes as well as belonging to the school, including caring for the environment surrounding the school through conducting work such as tree planning, cleaning and working to implement: "My school is clean and developed" (slogan).

- The plans of such groups include programs and activities for various age groups that achieve educational objectives, care for change. Develop programs that achieve total quality and have a positive impact on the educational process.

- The social specialist also forms guardians, parents and Teachers Council pursuant to the ministerial Resolution No. 334 and implements its decisions and rulings. The social worker should set a schedule before each meeting in light of the specialties and responsibilities and should also activate the role of the councils to upgrade the educational process and its activities.

- He/she work to achieve societal participation carried out voluntarily by individuals and groups, whether through sharing opinions, work or financing. It should work from the school to the society and vice versa, in order to support the educational process through participating with the family and voluntary work, public relation and contact with society.

Social specialists hold practical and theoretical lectures and visit hospitals that are near to the school in order to promote the spirit of cooperation and belonging to the school and activities integration with the other groups.


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