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School Policy and Regulations

Academic Year: 2012-2013.

School Policy and Regulations

Dear Parents,

Once more we begin a new academic year, we hope that your child has had an enjoyable summer vacation and is now ready to start the new school year in high spirits. This school policy should be strictly observed throughout the year.

1- Hours:

- School begins at 8.00 and ends at 3.00 p.m. For the case of kindergarten, the ending time will be 1:30 p.m.

- Late arrivals should be avoided.

2- Uniform:

- Students should wear the summer / winter uniform daily.

- Training suits should be worn only on P.E. days according to schedule.

3- Absence:

Students who are absent for more than 3 days should bring a medical excuse from their doctor explaining the reason behind their absence.

4- Behavior and Personal Appearance:

- Students are expected to be at their best behavior in school and it’s therefore necessary that parents respond immediately to any notification they receive concerning the students misconduct. - Students should also be aware of their personal appearance Hair, Nails, Body and uniform cleanliness is essential.

5- Forbidden Items Subject to Confiscation:

- Mobiles (cell phones)

- Sharp tools (Cutters, razors, Scissors, metal rulers, etc…)

- Chewing gum, Glass bottled juice.

- Real and false jewelry, except for simple earrings. - Balls, Sticker books, toys, etc...

6- There is a canteen where students can buy snacks and beverages.

It is strongly recommended that pocket money should not exceed a reasonable amount that will cover your child’s needs.

7- Medical Care:

- An in- house doctor is available for first aid and emergencies.

- Parents are requested to notify the school of any contagious disease that may befall their child as soon as they are aware of it so that the school may take the necessary precautionary measures.

8- Parents should call for an appointment to meet teachers after school

or the teachers will always be available during break times. Please refer to a timetable for faculty meeting schedules at the school entrance hall. Parents should call for an appointment, to meet the principle or head of department in times of emergencies. The head of primary, preparatory and secondary are available for discussing any affairs and answering all questions from parents on a daily basis.

9- Students should not fail to meet their financial obligations

for the first term fees and accordingly will be given their set of books. Second term fees should be paid before or during the mid-year examination.

10- Parents Co-Operation:

Parent’s cooperation is essential especially with respect to the following: Impress upon your child to take greater care of his belongings. The school will not be responsible for the loss of money, pencil cases, sweater, etc….. Sign copy books, revision sheets, quizzes, exams, and reports whenever asked. In this way, you will always be familiar with your child’s progress and maintain communication with teachers. Encourage your child to become independent Allow him / her to pack the school bag according to the class schedule in this way he / she will learn to be more responsible. Kindly inform the school with any changes in your personal given telephone numbers and address.

11. Bus Lines: Student should abide by the bus times and locations that are agreed upon with the bus supervisor.

We thank you for your cooperation and wish your child, our child, the best of luck and everlasting success.


School Principal.

Mohamed Abdel Moneim Metawy

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