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Principal’s Foreword

Principal's Foreword..

As one of Cairo's most established and most academic schools, La Rose De Lisieux serves those parents and students who are looking for an excellent education in a purposeful and productive but caring and supportive environment. The school has a strong tradition of examination success and our pupils go on to the best regional universities when they leave us.

When our students leave La Rose De Lisieux, they do so with the qualifications and qualities needed to face the demands, pressures and exciting challenges of an increasingly complex and integrated global community; with good friends; happy memories of sports and games played, music, drama, concerts, school trips and a thousand and one other school activities and events - as well as a deep and abiding affection for us.

I started my career and path as a professor at the faculty of engineering at Ein Shams University and then there was my true beginning in the field of education. I started off by working in managerial inspection positions over at many different schools in many areas, especially the Dokki governorate. At that point my main tasks were carried out with many big icons in the field of education, like Mansour Hussein, Ahmed Abdel Akher, Mostafa Kamal Helmy and much more.

My experiences developed and I moved up the rank until I reached top assistance for the ministry of education. One of the schools that I had under my jurisdiction was La Rose De Lisieux. At that time It was owned by the nuns of the Vatican and through our kind and excellent relationships together, I managed to buy the school off the Vatican and officially initiate the beginning of private schools ownership, where I managed to convert La Rose De Lisieux to schools with stages starting from Kindergarten up until secondary school, then another alteration occurred, which was from a French school to an English Language school. This conversion made La Rose De Lisieux the first English language school in the district of Giza at that time, as well as it already being the oldest school to be established in the district if Giza.

La Rose De Lisieux is also extremely proud to have graduated numerous people who occupy high ranked positions nowadays in all sorts of fields. Moreover since taking over the educational institute under my supervision, the secondary graduating class percentage each year had always been 100 %, which makes all the hard work and effort pay off. 
However, I would not wish to give you the impression that we are just an examination factory. We pride ourselves on our family atmosphere. La Rose De Lisieux is a successful school which is currently experiencing a significant increase in pupil numbers.  Academic results are strong, making the school one of the best in the Middle East. 

Finally I would like to add that I was proudly chosen on behalf of the entire ministry to be the chairman of the private schools committee, due to the years of experience and hard work in the fields of education, where it finally today shows the great reputation of La Rose De Lisieux and it gives me pleasure and honor to pass on my experience and knowledge here today to both my daughter’s in the field of private educational management and leadership; Eng. Dr. Nivine Mohamed Abdel Moneim Metawy and Mrs. Sherine Mohamed Abdel Moneim Metawy.

Good luck and all the best to all…

Mohamed Abdel Moneim Metawy

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This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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