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Welcome to

La Rose De Lisieux Schools

Educational Excellence Through Ethical Standards

Welcome to La Rose De Lisieux Schools
Welcome to La Rose De Lisieux Schools
About La Rose Schools
About La Rose Schools

Welcome to La Rose De Lisieux Schools - La Rose School 
"A great establishment which gives pride particularly to dokki's 

educational directorate and generally to the Giza governorate. It's the educational foundation which aims to raise 

educational and ethical standards."

The School has obtained the Quality Assurance Certificate issued by the Educational Quality Committee.
The First of All Private Schools in Dokki Giza


It's the establishment that delivers an understanding educational management for life aspects and caring for all education stages from KG to the secondary stage. The Kindergarten stage, in which the child is in his early stages of life early communication encounters with others, he/she finds in LA ROSE DE LISIUEX care and warmth, which many viewed that they lose them as soon as they get outside the house; however, fathers and mothers found that the child becomes attached with school which delivers different activities and develops their talents. 


The Child finds caring and warmth no less than that of their mother's and father's also finding the kind of education that will improve him/her by the latest educational methods. As for the primary stage, the child goes from early childhood to growing stages; finding guidance and advice from teachers in different aspects of life, also he/she find comprehensive explanation. The student begins practicing his educational life depending largely on school in receiving chances and different activities In which a large rate of participants who achieved best marks and this stage has proved a constant success with a rate not less than 100% . As for the preparatory stage, which many schools find difficulties in dealing with this agegroup, the student finds in LA ROSE DE LISIEUX the educational experience and awareness of responsibilities towards students in this stage to prepare a strong yet modest character to achieve success.


Students learn how to combine between their hobbies, interests and their study by developing a decisive, modest, successful, personality with highest marks. Following the preparation of the student to depend on their own, they go to the high school stage where they find understanding, yet strictness and decisiveness to their age which is called adolescence; sheer educational treatment which aim to help students to find their way in life and to adapt their abilities along with their needs so they can join the faculty that suits both their abilities and their needs. That is LA ROSE DE LISIEUX from childhood to the early stages of adolescence and also it is the educational fort that many long to join it to cope with development and civilization progress. 

Contact Us

 6, Amin El Rafee st , Dokki, Giza

21, Tahrir street, Dokki,

Cairo (secondary building)

Fax: 002/37621076

Phone: 002/37494545 - 002/37621069 - 002/37602128

E-mails: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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