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Hall of Fame


Larose De Lisieux Is Proud Of Its Last 30 Years Which Have Witnessed Excellence Of The Learning Process In The Secondary Section And That Its Graduates Achieved High Ranks In General Certificates And High Success Rates During The Past Years Till Today. Here's A Summary Of The Ranks Which Were Achieved By La Rose De Lisieux Students. In 1988, Three Of Its Students Achieved Three Ranks Of The Top 10 Ranks Of That Year.

- Al Sayed Ibrahim Torky .
- Abeer Abdelaziz Atta Al Sayed .
- Basma Abdel Hamid Abdelaziz.


The School Was Awarded The Armor Of School Achievement, Making It The Only School In Giza To Be Awarded Such Armor.

In 1989, Student Mirall Fawzy Al Damacy came the fourth nationwide in the certificate of Secondary Education exam, Literary Section.

Student Sherif Sayed Yacoub came the tenth nationwide at the exams. In addition, the school achieved 100% success rating.

In 1991, The school was awarded the Armor of School Achievement.

In 1992, The school was awarded the Cup of School Achievement.

In 1994 The school was awarded the Armor of school Achievement and the Cup of Giza Achievement.

In 1997, Student Mohamed Abdel Wahab was one of the first ten students at the Secondary Education Certificate Exam.

In 1999, The school reserved the Cup of Giza School Achievement and Shawl of School Achievement. The School achieved 99% percentage at the Literary Section and 100% at the Science Section.

In 2000, the school reserved the Cup of Giza school Achievement and the Armor of school Achievement as well at the level of the governorate.

In 2001, The school was selected as the best school for private education. It reserved the Cup of School Achievement to enable its students to achieve high marks to join top faculties.

In 2003, the school achieved distinguished and excellent results at Secondary Education Exams. In addition, it reserved the Armor of school Achievement of the school all over the governorate.

In 2004, the school was awarded the Shawl of achievement at a big celebration.

In 2005, The school achieved a success percentage of 99% at the Secondary Education Exam and 100% success at Preparatory Education Exam .

In 2007, the school was awarded a Certificate of Assessment and an award for winning the Short Story Competition at the level of the activity of libraries nationwide, It was the only school all over Giza governorate that won at this field.

In 2009, Board of Trustees decided on 15/10/2009 to apply for a Certificate of Quality.

In 2011, The school has got quality certification and accreditation from the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation on 27/4/2011.

In 2012, The student (Nada Sheriff Manasseh) has been ranked the first place in the singing competition across Egypt’s schools and was honored by the Minister of Education.

In 2013, The student (Salma Ahmed Mahfouz, the first place on the Giza Governorate in elementary education with a total grade of 100% and she was honored by the Directorate of Education in Giza.

In 2014, The school hosted the Arabic language teachers in all private schools in Dokki for training on literacy.

Achievements in 2014/2015

- The school hosted Al-Dokki Schools' teachers for training on class management during Jan 2015.

- Two of our students (Joly Ihab Samir and Gana Mohammed Adel) has been ranked the first place on the Giza Governorate with a total grade of 100% in the primary stage.

- The student (Nada Sherif Mansy) , the first place on the Giza Governorate in elementary education with a total grade of 100%.

Achievements in 2016/2017

1) The school submitted a request for accreditation of the preparatory stage to the national Quality authority to ensure the quality of education after it was able by the efforts of the administration, faculty, and learners to achieve quality standards and accreditation in the preparatory stage.
2) The student Logain haitham ahmed ranked first position in the Giza governorate in primary six 2016- 2017
3) The school achieved the first place at the giza governorate standings in the closing ( final ) ceremony of the student performances that was held on stage at the saedeya school .
4) Student Mohamed fathi in third preparatory won the gold medal at the nationwide level in athletics
5) In the third preparatory stage , menna allah amr achieved the bronze medal at the nationwide level in swimming
6) The school football team won first place in the Pepsi championships at the district level overall dokki schools and qualified for the competition at The Giza governorate level.
7) The girl's school basketball team won the silver medal at the dokki schools championship.

The school is pleased to have several students who joined the faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, as well as the faculty of medicine, in addition, It is pleased to see its students occupying leading positions at various agencies and ministries of the State, including, but not limited to, the brilliant announcers Ahmed Fouad Bosaila, Tamer Basiouny and Amr Sameer Sheta.

Achievements in 2017/2018 

The school has achieved the quality assurance accreditation certificate in the preparatory stage, making it the first and only private school in Giza to reach this achievement.

Outstandingly, the schools own Nada and Nadine sherif el mansy have achieved a staggering 410/410 in their final exams making them occupy first place over the whole country.


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